Ruicheng Feng

I am currently a Ph.D. student in MMLab@NTU, Nanyang Technological University, supervised by Prof. Chen Change Loy. Prior to joining NTU, I worked closely with Prof. Chao Dong and Prof. Yu Qiao.

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  • [03/2021] One paper to appear in CVPR 2021.
  • [05/2019] Our team got winner adward in the NTIRE 2019 Real Image Super-Resolution challenges. Check out our Paper for more details.
  • Research

    My current research interest lies in computer vision, especially image processing and computation photography.

    Removing Diffraction Image Artifacts in Under-Display Camera via Dynamic Skip Connection Network

    Ruicheng FengChongyi LiHuaijin ChenShuai LiChen Change LoyJinwei Gu
    Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2021
    [ Paper ] [ Project Page ] [ Codes ]

    Exploring Multi-Scale Feature Propagation and Communication for Image Super Resolution

    Ruicheng Feng,  Weipeng Guan,  Yu QiaoChao Dong
    Technical Report, arXiv, 2020
    [ Paper ]
    Suppressing Model Overfitting for Image Super-Resolution Networks

    Ruicheng FengJinjin GuYu QiaoChao Dong
    Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW), 2019
    Winner Award , NTIRE 2019 Challenges on Real Image Super-Resolution
    [ Paper ]
    Academic Service

  • Conference reviewer: ICCV, CVPR

  • Thanks Jon Barron for sharing the website codes.